April 16, 2023

Journal of Pension Benefits Economics and Finance

The only journal that deals exclusively with the economics and finance of pensions.

In the age of the ageing population and a shrinking workforce, this is a critical and challenging area for governments and pension trustees. The Journal of Pension Economics and Finance (JPEF) provides a unique and important forum for international debate on this subject.

Gender Diversity: The Need for Increased Executive Levels

As the number of women in management and executive roles rises, asset owners are expressing a desire to recruit more female employees and executives. They are asking asset managers to provide information on the numbers of women they employ at the board, upper and lower management levels.

Money managers interviewed by the magazine say that such re- quirements send an important message that diversity is valued. They add that asset owners also are looking to hire managers with the right skills to take on a greater share of investment responsibility in their organizations.

What to do with a pension lump sum: An explanation

If you have received a one-time pension payment as a result of your employer’s deferred retirement scheme, it’s important to understand your options. Deciding whether to take a pension lump sum or receive monthly annuity payments is an important decision that requires careful consideration and understanding of the pros and cons.


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