March 19, 2023

Joe Dispenza Morning Meditation

joe dispenza morning meditation

Getting ready for your day with a peaceful mind and high vibration is key to living a successful life. Having a morning meditation routine is one of the best ways to achieve this goal. It will help you to control your thoughts and emotions throughout the day, which in turn, will result in increased productivity and overall mental well-being.

Stop Being Defined by the Past

If you are like most people, your past has probably defined you and prevented you from experiencing a whole new future. This simple 20-minute meditation will help you to stop being shaped by your past and start creating the future you want for yourself!

Create a vision for your ideal future by calling it to you with the power of your thoughts. This is a very powerful way to reprogram your subconscious mind and get into the flow of your dreams!

You’ll also be guided to cultivate elevated emotions of gratitude, joy and compassion. These are powerful emotions that can change your body’s chemistry and help you break free from disease!

The JOY and LOVE OF LIFE (Lying Down)

Joe Dispenza calls up these emotions and broadcasts them to your cells. These elevated feelings strengthen your inner army and signal your genes to defend and protect you from disease.

Walking into Your Future and Developing the Right Habits for the Future

This meditation is perfect to start or finish your day, but also works great as part of a morning ritual. It will help you prepare mentally for the day ahead by focusing on the important aspects of your day and setting the right goals. Then, it will help you focus on those goals to develop the habits that will help you achieve them. This will improve your health, mental and physical energy, and your self-esteem.


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