July 9, 2022

Joe Dispenza Morning Meditation: Act, Think, Feel

 Joe Dispenza Morning Meditation

Dr. Joe Dispenza is an author and international lecturer. He has been invited to speak on five different continents. His motto is simple: How I think, How I act, How I feel. This is a very powerful sentiment. It helps you to realize how and why you are reacting in certain situations. Furthermore, it’s a way to control your own thoughts and reactions. Check out the Joe Dispenza Morning Meditation below.

Joe Dispenza Morning Meditation


Joe Dispenza’s morning meditations are the perfect way to start your day. It’s all about training your mind to react positively in hard situations. It focuses on the tools you will need to get ready for what is in store for you that day. If you are an impulsive person, sometimes it’s hard to not blow up during a confrontation. Or in the face of criticism or negativity. Dispenza understands this and has created a formula to help you pause and breathe. To think, not just react.

This meditation is suggested to do in the mornings, for best results. This is because it creates the vibe for your day. It’s a powerful meditation, that encourages you to really let go. Clear your mind, and let the meditation take you over. It goes deep into your subconscious, to re-program your brain, in a way. 

How we react in situations is based on behavioral patterns from childhood. It can be extremely hard to change this way of thinking, especially when we are in the middle of it. The act of stopping to think for a moment is beneficial. Additionally,  it helps you to really deep dive into your psyche, and really understand why you are reacting in a certain way. 

Joe Dispenza Morning Meditation


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