April 2, 2024

Jnana Yoga - The Path of Knowledge

Gyana Yoga or Jnana Yoga, is the path that leads to direct experience of Brahman (ultimate reality). This form of yoga is considered the highest and most direct approach, moving toward its ultimate aim of union with God.

Jnana yoga provides you with a method for understanding yourself by investigating and exploring the nature of reality. Through self-inquiry and other means, illusions are dispelled while liberation from ego occurs - you become aware that everything is connected and part of one wholeness.

Practice Jnana Yoga by reading the Upanishads, developing an in-depth knowledge of their philosophy of nondualism, and honing discernment for what's real versus unreal as well as distinguishing between Self and not-Self. A teacher or guru can also offer invaluable support on your spiritual path.

Jnana yoga can be practiced alone as an independent path, though most yogis often combine it with other hatha practices like karma and bhakti for greater results. Jnana yoga includes four pillars: hearing (sravana), reflection (manana) and nididhyasana (meditation).

By practicing these techniques, you'll gain spiritual insight and awareness, reduce suffering and dissatisfaction with life, and move closer towards enlightenment. Jnana yoga also improves concentration while supporting pituitary and pineal gland health - thus decreasing stress while helping prevent conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol and depression. To practice Jnana yoga properly, sit comfortably in Padmasana, Sukhasana or Ardha Padmasana pose with palms together - then practice Jnana yoga!


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