March 19, 2023

Jason Stephenson Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is one of the most effective ways to relax and de-stress. You can find many different types of guided meditations on YouTube. Some are simple, while others focus on meditation techniques for stress relief and healing.

Jason Stephenson is a famous meditation teacher with millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel. He offers a wide variety of guided meditations, including affirmations for positive self-talk, mindfulness exercises, sleep music and more.

He also hosts a podcast where he talks about meditation. His videos are great for anyone who is new to the concept of meditation and wants to learn more about it.

A guided meditation is a video or audio recording that helps you reach a state of deep relaxation. They typically involve a narrator who guides you through the meditative process, either through imagery or through specific breathing exercises.

Some guided meditations are short, while others can be long and take you to a deep meditative state. The most common characteristic of all guided meditations is that they encourage you to breathe deeply and focus on your breath.

The Honest Guys is a YouTube channel with over 11 years of experience making high-quality guided meditations for anxiety, stress and sleep. They offer hundreds of meditations that can help you relieve stress, deal with anxiety and improve your health and happiness.

Headspace is an app that has more than 30 million users and features a wide range of science-backed content to help you relax, wind down and get to sleep. Their audios are also free to listen to, so you can test drive their meditations without paying.


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