March 11, 2021

Is Salsa Healthy? The Guide To Salsa Nutrition


Is Salsa healthy? Well the answer is not a simple yes or no. We dive into reasons why it is and it is not.

  • Salsa is mainly used as a sauce or dips for is chips, tacos and other food items which can go well with it. Salsa is generally a taste enhancer or flavor improving food item it liked by most of the population because it has got that awesome taste of spices, tomatoes, onion finely blended together.
  • Before knowing the health benefits of salsa we must know how it is made we have to know the proper ingredients which are included in that then only we can have a great idea about whether salsa is actually healthy or unhealthy.
  • The ingredients which is been added in salsa are tomatoes, onions, cilantro, garlic cloves, lime juice, salt, jalapeno pepper. Let’s talk about tomatoes firstly tomatoes are fruits yes they are fruits because they form from a flower and tomatoes contain seeds in them but they are mostly used as vegetables in kitchen. Other than calories Tomatoes are great source of vitamin- c( important for skin health, helps in iron absorption, boosts immunity, it is an antioxidant ) vitamin- k( important for blood clotting, improves immunity) potassium( helpful in controlling blood pressure, prevent cardiovascular risks) folate also known as vitamin B9 helps in cell function and tissue growth). Thus the tomato which is most probably the main ingredient of salsa sounds pretty much healthy. But if the person is allergic or if it is restricted due to any heath condition salsa cannot be consumed in that case.

So is it healthy?

  • Onions are also contain vitamin-c, vitamin b-6(requires for several bodily functions, maintenance of red blood cells etc) magnesium (helps in enzyme reactions, in muscles, in nerve function etc) , onions may support the maintenance of collagen which provides structure to hair and skin it also have some amount of protein as we all know protein is very basic nutrient which is required by the body on daily basis for growth and development. It also contains fiber which is very much beneficial for the digestive system to work properly also helps in weight loss. But if the person is allergic or if it is restricted due to any heath condition salsa cannot be consumed in that case. And many researches also say that it has cancer inhibiting properties. So onion is being added in salsa. Onions are healthy food which ultimately makes salsa a healthy food.
  • Cilantro also has lots of good nutrients present in it. It has vitamin-A ( helps in vision process, helps in proper functioning of other organs) vitamin-c vitamin-k, sodium( it is both an electrolyte and mineral it helps in maintaining water balance inside and outside of cells, it also have a function to play in muscle and nervous system) and potassium, fiber it also have anti cancerous, anti fungal properties. Garlic also has good nutrients present in it. it has vitamin-c, fiber, selenium( improves immune system, act as antioxidant which will eventually helps in lowering excess oxidative stress) , iron( it is an essential elements of blood production, in hemoglobin ), copper( it is necessary for the formation of rbc with the help of iron, and also helps in maintaining blood vessels, nerves, bones) , potassium present in it.
  • lime juice is also sprinkled on the salsa it does have many more nutrition present it is the highest source of vitamin c. it enhances the taste, rejuvenate skin, improves digestion, helps in weight loss acts as antioxidants, reduces heart related risks it also have some amount of potassium, magnesium, calcium. Jalapeno which is been added in salsa will make definitely salsa more palatable and nutritious as well. It is the richest source of vitamin-c, vitamin-a, vitamin b-6capsaicin potassium no doubt jalapeno enhances the taste, flavor of salsa and also contribute in increasing vitamin content too. Perhaps all these properties make salsa more nutritious. All though it has lots of benefits on the other hand it also has side effects like if too much jalapeno can cause burning sensation in mouth gastro intestinal area, stomach region. Thus it should not be included in too much amount but can be consumed in moderate amount.

Some More Details

  • Salt is also added in this to give the dish salty taste and make it more eatable or palatable. Salt does have health benefits like it helps in blood pressure, thyroid etc but if consumed in excess amount the side effects are also very severe like increase blood pressure because in salt sodium is present in higher amount. As sodium helps in maintaining water balance in the body and blood vessels as well. If it is consumed in more amounts it will provoke water retention if this happens the blood in vessels will get disturbed (or imbalance of water inside the body) and it may cause high blood pressure. So as to prevent all this limited amount of salt should be added just how much ever is required to taste not excess. If any problem is going in the body which requires restriction of salt it would be better to restrict it and consume in limited amount as per the advice of health professional.
  • Is salsa healthy? Well yes it is but the condition is if it is made in your kitchen with all the fresh ingredients, cleanly washed, hygienically prepared in clean utensils. Not adding too much of ingredients like salt, spices. The salsa which is commercially made cannot be trusted generally any food item which is made in marked will definitely have preservatives added in it. And preservatives will have serious adverse effects on the human body like sodium benzoate, xanthum gum, guar gum, canthaxanthin, calcium chloride etc if they are added in excess amount they may cause gastro intestinal problems, bloating, ulcers, blockage of esophagus, diarrhea, excess gas production, loose stools, excess vomiting.
  • Additionally more amount of salt, sugar, vegetable oils are added in commercially prepared salsa. If the salsa is made in restaurants or hotels if the particular place of dining is trusted then a person can have it but first make sure that the salsa is freshly, hygienically prepared no added preservative. And all the ingredients are added in that salsa is just in proper amount like salt and all the spices which are included.


Over all salsa is great nutritious food item which can be consumed but above points which are mention should be taken care of homemade salsa is best because we can included all the ingredients by our self and consume it well with fulfillment and satisfaction. And it is also easy to prepare at home. Take 5 fresh tomatoes , onion- 1 big 8 cloves of garlic, jalapeno- 1, 1 bunch cilantro leaves chop all the ingredients well add juice of 2 lemons, garlic powder mix it well. Keep them aside these were our chopped fresh ingredients then we will make paste of roasted ingredients.

For it cook or blacken 6 tomatoes on stove give them a flavor of fire roasted, roast 7 or less dry salsa chilies in hot pan then blend tomatoes and chilies together in mixture. After they are properly blended like paste add them to fresh ingredients which we have chopped at the beginning mix both the ingredients well and enjoy it with any snacks. As it has a pasty and nice consistency it will definitely go with most of the snacks items.

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