September 12, 2023

Is it Safe to Smoke Mullein?

Mullein is a plant with many healing properties. It has been used for respiratory ailments like bronchitis and asthma since ancient times. It’s lung-healing benefits are attributed to its expectorant and demulcent properties. Mullein helps in loosening phlegm and making coughs productive, thus clearing the congestion from the lungs. It can also reduce the cough associated with asthma.

Aside from its respiratory benefits, mullein is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in soothing the irritated lungs and throat when taken orally or applied topically. It also provides relief for ear infections. It can be found in herbal tea, tincture, and oil formulations. Mullein’s anti-inflammatory properties can also be used to treat bursitis, a condition that affects the fluid-filled sacs (called bursae) that cushion the joints of the body.

The best way to reap the health benefits of mullein is by drinking its herbal tea, which can be made from the dried leaves or flowers. Mullein tea has low calories and carbs, and it can be sweetened with a low-calorie or no-calorie sweetener. It is safe to drink for most people, but more studies are needed to determine its safety for pregnant women and those breastfeeding.

Mullein’s oil and tincture formulations can be applied on the skin or in the ears as an herbal remedy for ear infections. The dosage of these oils can vary, but a general recommendation is to drop slightly warmed mullein oil into the affected ear two to three times per day.


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