March 27, 2024

Is it Safe to Smoke Lavender?

Lavender (Lavandula), is an herb known for its therapeutic qualities. Aromatherapy often makes use of it, inhaling its scent to ease anxiety and promote relaxation. Some also report smoking lavender can provide an intoxicating high similar to what cannabis users experience - but is smoking lavender safe?

As lavender flowers can be safely smoked, their cultivation should be conducted without pesticide use and appropriately dried to make smoking possible. Once this step has been accomplished, an appropriate tool must be utilized to break up and grind up the lavender into fine pieces that can then be placed into pipes or rolling papers for smoking purposes.

Smoking lavender can cause respiratory tract irritation and should be avoided for prolonged periods. Extended inhalation can lead to coughing and other respiratory problems in those who already suffer from them, especially those with preexisting respiratory issues. Furthermore, any form of smoking poses health risks as it introduces chemicals into the body and irritates lungs over time.

Smoking lavender may provide some therapeutic effects; however, most reports of its success primarily result from inhaling its aromatic compounds rather than smoking the plant directly. Therefore, aromatherapy might be better as an approach than trying to smoke lavender to achieve this high.


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