September 12, 2023

Is CRC Wax Bad For You?

CRC stands for color remediation column, and is a method of cannabis extraction used to make low-grade extracts appear much lighter in color. This is done by passing the extract through a steel column filled with various filter mediums like activated charcoal or alumina, bentonite clay, magnesol, silica, and diatomaceous earth, often in combination. The goal of the filtration process is to remove impurities from the end product including lipids, chlorophyll molecules, and pesticides that would give the extract a dark appearance.

The main drawback of using CRC is that it strips terpenes from the end product. This can affect the overall flavor and aroma of the final product. It also makes the end product more susceptible to contaminants like heavy metals, which could be an issue if someone wants to sell a legal marijuana product in a state with strict lab testing requirements.

It is important to note that budtenders should be able to tell if the cannabis they are selling has been processed with CRC. It is recommended that consumers choose solventless extracts, hash or live rosin over CRC products. Solventless extracts cannot be filtered with CRC technology, so this is a good way to avoid purchasing contaminated cannabis.

The short-term marijuana dangers of using crc wax include: difficulty managing your responsibilities at home or work, a lack of motivation to do the things you enjoy, relationship problems with friends and family, insomnia, paranoia, psychosis, hallucinations, depression, anxiety, and loss of focus and memory. These issues can be exacerbated by prolonged use of crc wax and can lead to addiction. If you are having difficulty controlling your weed usage, call our Mississippi detox & rehab facility to learn about treatment options.


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