November 18, 2023

Is Canola Oil Banned in Europe?

There have been rumors floating around the internet claiming that the European Union has banned canola oil. While it is true that the EU has stricter regulations on cooking oils, there is no ban on canola oil. It is still very common in Europe, and it is safe to consume. These rumors likely stem from misunderstandings about the European Union’s regulations on canola oil.

Canola oil is a cooking oil made from the seeds of a canola plant, a type of rapeseed. It is very similar to other types of cooking oil, such as sunflower or soybeans. It has been used in European cooking for centuries, but it is less popular than olive and other vegetable oils.

One reason for this is that the rapeseed used to make canola oil is often genetically modified. This has been done to increase the yield of the plants and to help them resist pests. European farmers have been concerned about this, and they want to use non-GMO rapeseed for canola oil.

The erucic acid content of canola oil is another reason for Europe’s heightened scrutiny of this product. Studies have shown that erucic acid can cause heart damage in humans. While most global rapeseed oil is low in erucic acid, the EU maintains higher standards for this ingredient.

As with any food, the decision to eat canola oil should be made carefully and with knowledge of the nutritional value and potential health risks. The final choice of cooking oil is a personal one, based on health considerations, culinary preferences and environmental impact.


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