May 5, 2022

Inspire Greater Productivity Through Your Office Color Scheme


You want to paint or decorate your office with some new colors that will help inspire productivity and relaxation, but how do you know which colors to choose? With all the different color shades, fades, and styles, how do you know which color will resonate most in your space? Here are some suggestions for deciding on the perfect color scheme for your office space from design enthusiasts and color experts.

Cool Vs. Warm Colors

Cool colors consist of blues, greens, and purples. These colors typically bring out more relaxed, calm feelings and engage the brain in creativity while working. Right-brained people tend to do well with these color options.

Warm colors include reds, yellows, and oranges. These colors can make people feel more energized and upbeat. They are good for work environments where production, quick thinking, and decision-making are critical. People who consider themselves “left-brained” do well with these colors in their working environment.

5 Colors that Impact Productivity in the Workplace


One of the most frequently-used colors trending right now is green. Green is a color that brings out relaxation in the mind and body. The natural element of green tends to engage both sides of the brain and is a real winner when helping employees concentrate.

Green is a versatile color for your home or office workspace because you can paint it on a wall, have it in any art decor, or add the color through live plants. Green is an easy color to add to any space, and it will add to the productivity of all employee productivity styles.


Red is an intense color associated with high productivity. People see red, and they move into action. The brain responds to the color red with a desire to accomplish things, especially for physically active jobs like trainers and athletes. Analysts, programmers, scientists, lawyers, etc., also work very well around red colors.

Adding red to your work environment is encouraged— but in small doses. Don't overdo red, as it will overstimulate the brain. Instead, find areas around the office where you can add red to things you want employees to see, like critical memos or goal-setting graphs. You can even add splashes of red around the office, like red coffee mugs or abstract wall art.



Blue inspires creativity. When you look at the sky and see the clear blue view, your mind automatically wanders into new possibilities. These thought-filled moments are a perfect activity to spur productivity in creative thinking jobs, like artists, designers, and researchers.

Blue is an intriguing wall color, but it looks even better when accented with another color. You can easily add blue to your workstation by having a blue computer background or a blue wall directly behind your computer. Blue is also a beautiful, complementary color that you can incorporate with a custom desk or chair, wall decor, or carpet design.


Yellow is a “loud and proud” color that promotes decision-making. When you need decisions made, this is the color that you want in the office room. Find the room of your office where the most critical decisions get made and spice it up with a little yellow.

You can add yellow to your office by using it in wall paint, decorations, lampshades, or furniture. A great place to have yellow would be the board room, where most of your decision-making with clients or other partners occurs. Enjoy your optimistic and energetic mood towards decision-making in a new light with the color yellow.


Add orange to your lobby area if you desire to evoke thoughts of a happy work environment for guests who walk through your doors. Orange gives a joyful, open spirit when brought to the forefront of the colors.

Use the color orange in a way that ignites creative minds through your furniture or geometric, abstract art decor. Chairs, coffee table tops, statues, lamps, and paintings are great ways to decorate with orange.


Colors to Avoid in the Office

Bland, soft tone colors like browns, whites, and grays tend to disengage minds and lower productivity. Although these colors may be suitable for painting the walls, it is best to pair them with a color that pops rather than another shade that lowers productivity, like blending white and grey in a room.

Blend It All Together

To bring positive feelings and brainpower together for peak productivity, create a home office or workspace that incorporates all these inspiring colors in your own unique way. You can make choices based on color psychology for your career field, or you can beautify spaces with color patterns that encourage a boosted mood throughout your workday.

You can add decor, furniture, lights, plants, rugs, art, and other ideas to bring a splash of each color to different rooms. The mirage of color will engage everyone's mind and unique working personalities.

Let go of the dull, old colors in the office and bring in a fresh look. Whether you pick the warm red, yellow, and orange colors or the cool blue and green colors, you will get better results with your new color hues. Enjoy your workspace again with colors that speak to you and your employees,and watch your productivity rise.


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