November 19, 2023

In Your Eyes Movie Review

Joss Whedon movies always make for fun viewing but this is a film that is not what you would expect from him. This movie is a love story with an unusual twist. The two main characters feel connected even though they are thousands of miles apart. Their psychic link allows them to see into each others worlds. It is the chemistry between Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David that really makes this film work. Their acting is not only believable but it is also really impressive considering that they never actually meet on screen. Joss Whedon’s smart and insightful dialogue also facilitates this chemistry.

In Your Eyes is a unique metaphysical romance about two seemingly separate people who find themselves inexplicably linked across the country. The sheltered East Coast doctor Rebecca and the charismatic ex-con Dylan discover that they can talk to each other through a mysterious telepathic bond, experiencing one another’s lives – and their own. Their relationship is a touching and empathetic exploration of the power of empathy. With its surprisingly real portrayal of the human experience, this is a movie that is well worth watching.


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