August 19, 2023

I Cut My Gums What Do I Do?

We’ve all had bruises, cuts and scratches at some point in our lives. While mouth injuries don’t happen as often as other injuries on the body, they can still occur for various reasons like brushing too hard or biting into something sharp. Cuts on the gums aren’t uncommon either and they can be painful and bleeding. They may also be a sign of serious injury.

Gums are delicate tissue that is easily cut and can bleed a lot. When this happens, it can look worse than it actually is since the blood from the bleeding gums mixes with saliva in the mouth to make the area look bigger and redder. The good news is that the majority of gum cuts are mild enough to treat at home.

The first step in dealing with a gum cut is to rinse the area with diluted salt water or an antiseptic mouthwash. This will wash away any bacteria and help the cut to heal. Next, a cold compress can be applied to the cut to slow circulation, stop bleeding and reduce pain and swelling.

Bleeding on the gums is usually easy to stop because the tissues have a heavy supply of blood. If the bleeding doesn’t slow down after about 10 minutes of pressure and ice, see a dentist or medical professional. They will likely give you antibiotics to prevent infection and promote healing. This is especially important for children and people who are prone to mouth injuries from sports and other activities.


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