March 19, 2023

I Am Meditation by Wayne Dyer

wayne dyer i am meditation

In this book, renowned self-help author and guru Wayne Dyer guides you to a higher state of consciousness by helping you transcend your ego identity. He shares his wit and wisdom with you, taking you on a sacred journey where the spirit triumphs!

Your highest self is the one that knows that you are connected to a divine source. As such, it is a powerful force that allows you to manifest your dreams and goals without fear or doubt.

The Power of Intention: Co-Creating Your Life with the Universal Mind of Intention

This audiobook shows you how to connect to the creative, kind, loving, beautiful, expanding, endlessly abundant, and receptive mind of intention. It offers true stories and examples of how to make this connection in your daily life, empowering you to begin living with the intention to create what you want.

i am meditation is the perfect way to set your intentions for a great day! It helps you get clear about what you want and to manifest your dreams and goals by focusing on your inner peace.

Try it out for yourself and see how it changes your energy! This short meditation is designed to help you get a sense of clarity and focus in the morning, allowing you to start the day off with positive intention.

Download the Empower You app today to access timeless wisdom and powerful meditations from Wayne Dyer whenever you want. You can listen on the go, in the car, while doing your errands or even while you're relaxing at home!


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