March 19, 2023

HUM Nutrition Reviews Reddit

HUM Nutrition was founded in 2012 after one of the founders felt that there was a closer connection between his lifelong struggles with his skin and his diet than nutritionists or dermatologists were willing to recognize.

The company specializes in beauty nutrition, making nutritional supplements focused on helping you feel good inside and out. They emphasize a strong connection between micronutrients and the effects of lifestyle and diet on your appearance and overall happiness, and they use a scientific approach to developing their products.

Their supplements are tested by a third-party lab for purity, strength, composition, and contaminants, and most of them are non-GMO and free of gluten, artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners. Many of them are vegan-friendly, except for supplements that contain collagen or fish oil.

They’re also a sustainable brand, using SFI and FSC-certified packaging that’s printed with 100% wind energy to minimize their impact on the planet. They also ship their bottles without outer cartons, so they don’t create any additional waste in transit.

There’s a strong focus on the science behind their supplements, and they make it very visible on their product pages. Each ingredient is verified to work by scientific studies (both research and ones the HUM team performs) and they’re formulated alongside clinical recommendations to ensure you get the proper amount of nutrients in each dose.

Upon signing up, clients take a health quiz that answers questions about their goals and needs. Afterward, they’re presented with recommendations of three products that may be a fit for them.


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