November 19, 2023

How to Wake Someone Up Without Startling Them

Whether it's a spouse, parent or child, there are times when you need to wake someone up, especially if they are a deep sleeper. There are many different ways to do this that can be fun or even funny, but the key is not to startle them. Some methods include gently shaking their big toe or tickling them with your fingers, although a tickle attack is best done with several people for maximum effect. Stroking their hair can also be a very gentle yet effective way to help them awaken without being startled.

Another way to gently waking someone up is to slowly increase the amount of light in their room. This will let them gradually transition out of their sleep, rather than being shocked by a sudden change in light. This is a simple yet effective way to help them feel relaxed and ready for the day ahead of them.

A more direct method of waking someone up is to speak to them loudly near their bed. Simply greeting them with a good morning or telling them it is time to get up should be enough to wake them up, but if you are trying to avoid startling them then try not to talk too much.

If you are able to cook or bake something, the smell of breakfast is a surefire way to wake up anyone. This method is especially effective if the person you are trying to wake up is a food lover.


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