March 23, 2023

How to Use the Violet Flame Meditation to Heal Yourself

the violet flame meditation

The violet flame meditation is a powerful healing tool that can help clear your energy and get rid of any negative energies in your life. It is also an effective way to heal yourself of past traumas and blockages that may be holding you back.

The Violet Flame is a spiritual tool that has been used for ages to transmute energy, remove obstacles, create change and dissolve traumas. Originally it was only available for people to use as part of alchemy which involves physical experiments with base metals to transform them into gold but it is now being made available for everyone to use.

It is a very powerful and energetic cleansing tool that can be called upon at any time to clear unwanted energies, get rid of negative thoughts and feelings, and heal yourself. It can also be used to send it out to others as a healing tool and to help with difficult situations or problems in the world around you.

Getting started

The first step in using the violet flame meditation is to choose a specific problem or issue that you would like to resolve. This could be a personal one or an external one such as a conflict with someone else. You can then imagine a bright violet flame around you which is flickering and dancing up and down.

During this visualization method you should feel the violet flame melting away any negativity or limiting thought patterns that you may have. Once you have fully dissolved the problem and dissolved any emotional or mental blocks, allow the fire to die down.


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