March 23, 2023

How to Use Positive Affirmation Meditation

positive affirmation meditation

Positive affirmation meditation can be an effective way to shift your perspective and build resilience against stress. The practice requires time and dedication, but can be very beneficial to those struggling with high levels of anxiety, depression or stress.

Start by writing your own personal affirmations that reflect core values or connect you to a particular energy. Then, use them as mantras in meditation or to guide your day-to-day activities.

Repeat your statements frequently, especially in the morning before starting your day or at night before falling asleep. It's also helpful to set aside a specific time for your affirmations.

Visualize your affirmations with a calming scene, such as the beach or a hiking trail. This helps turn your mind off and focus on the mantra, says Kelman.

Another approach is to jot down your phrases on cards or sticky notes and hang them around the house. This can be a visual reminder of your affirmation and will help you remember it as you move throughout your day.

Don't be afraid to rework your words and find the best wording for you! Once you find a good combination, be sure to keep it consistent.

Say your affirmations aloud, even if you feel silly at first. This makes the statement more impactful and can give you more confidence when you are facing a challenge.

Studies have shown that repeated affirmations rewire the brain. This is called neuroplasticity and can lead to desirable behavioural changes, which can be associated with better mental health.


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