November 19, 2023

How to Use a SodaStream

Using a sodastream is a fun and easy way to make sparkling water at home. It's also a great alternative to buying sparkling water in cans and is more eco-friendly.

When you're ready to carbonate, insert your bottle and push down on the sodastream button or block (depending on which model you have). Press down several times in short succession until you reach the desired level of carbonation. Leaving the button down for an extended period of time can cause over-carbonation or leaking.

Be sure to use the right type of cap when filling your sodastream bottles. Some caps may not seal correctly, leading to a build-up of pressure that could leak or crack the plastic. The caps that come with your sodastream are designed specifically for the bottles, so be sure to use them.

Clean your soda bottles regularly. Especially when they've been used to make actual soda, a SodaStream bottle can become a breeding ground for bacteria. It's a good idea to wash your bottles regularly with warm water and mild dish soap to prevent this from happening.

Most of the time, these bottles only require a bit of warm water and a little dish soap to be cleaned. However, stubborn residue can be difficult to remove from the glass carafes, so it's best to use a special bottle brush that fits inside the narrow neck of the bottles and reaches all areas. This kind of specialized brush is available at most grocery stores or online and is usually inexpensive.


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