March 23, 2023

How to Use a Chime For Meditation

chime for meditation

Whether you meditate for spiritual growth, to reduce stress or to find balance in life, a chime can help enhance your meditation practice. Our chime is designed to help you relax and refocus your thoughts with its soothing sounds and crystal accents.

Koshi Chimes and Tibetan bells are similar to our meditation chime in that they produce a brief moment of sound, only lasting a few seconds at a time. These instruments are often used by Tibetan monks to mark the beginning and end of their meditation practices.

Soothing Echo Meditation Chime (G4, D5, F5)

Our chime features three titanium/aluminum alloy rods tuned to G4, D5, and F5, good for the Root, Heart, and Throat Chakras. They sit on a wooden base and are loud enough to call attention to a studio class, but quiet enough to focus and bring about a meditative state of mind.

To strike the chime, simply hold it in your hand and gently strike one side of the metal rod. As you do, listen to the chime's sound and the echo of the other side. As the chime fades, inhale deeply and exhale slowly.

Chimes have been used in meditation for thousands of years to provide a distraction from the churning of the mind. They are also used in Feng Shui to attract positive energy and ward off negativity.

Dutch CHIME validated and short form developed

The Dutch version of the Comprehensive Inventory of Mindfulness Experiences (CHIME) was translated into Flemish, and the factor structure, internal consistency, and convergent and discriminant validity were investigated in a mixed sample consisting of one clinical sample and two non-clinical samples. In addition, a 24-item short form (CHIME-SF) was developed and its psychometric properties were evaluated.


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