December 13, 2023

How to Tell If Watermelon is Bad

There's nothing worse than buying a cut watermelon at the grocery store only to find that it has already gone bad. Unlike most foods, watermelons aren't marked with a "Best Before" date and therefore, it's up to the consumer to know how to tell if watermelon is bad. First of all, if the watermelon is slimy or discolored or smells weird or fuzzy it's definitely time to throw it away. The same goes for a mushy and rotten texture or any visible mold growing on the fruit.

Another way to test whether or not a watermelon is ripe is by examining the surface of the fruit. A ripe watermelon should have a deep, uniform color and a smooth surface that yields slightly when pressed with your fingers. It should also be heavy for its size and, when tapped, produce a hollow sound.

Finally, if a watermelon has a tendril (where it was attached to the vine), make sure that tendril is dry. Most pre-cut watermelons don't have a tendril, but if you're picking out one at the farmers market or growing your own at home, locate it and make sure it isn't still green.

Smelling the rind is also an important factor when determining if a watermelon is ripe or not. A fresh and ripe watermelon should have hints of sweetness and a light aroma, while an overripe watermelon will have a strong and unpleasant odor. In addition, if the rind starts to develop dark spots or has been eaten by bugs (resulting in red-brown patches), it is probably too far gone and should be thrown out.


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