November 19, 2023

How to Tell If Honeydew is Ripe

The sweet, juicy honeydew melon is a summer staple that can be enjoyed on its own or added to salads, frozen treats, and drinks. But it can be tricky to find one that is ripe and ready for eating. There's nothing worse than getting home from the farmers market or grocery store with a perfectly priced and looking piece of melon only to cut into it to discover hard, flavorless chunks. This article will help you figure out how to tell if honeydew is ripe so that you can avoid this frustrating experience and enjoy the fruit at its peak.

When a honeydew is ripe it will smell very fragrant, almost like it's calling out "EAT ME!" As the melon reaches its peak of ripeness the green color on the rind will begin to fade into a nice whitish yellow or golden hue. The rind will also develop a natural waxy coating which will give it a smooth and slightly sticky texture when the melon is ripe.

As for the flesh, look for a melon that is evenly colored and free of any cracks or bruises. It should also be firm to the touch, but not overly soft. Finally, a good honeydew will feel very heavy for its size. This is because it's packed full of all that delicious juice!

Another clue is the end where the stem used to be. A ripe honeydew will have a fresh and sweet-smelling aroma that is even more aromatic than the rest of the fruit. It will also yield to slight pressure with a gentle prod. And if you hit the melon gently with your finger, it should make a hollow sound.


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