April 16, 2023

How to Take Water Soluble CBD

how to take water soluble cbd

If you’ve tried using CBD oil tinctures and they haven’t worked for you, or if you’re not fond of the taste of the liquid, water soluble cbd might be your best option. It’s easy to take and dissolves easily in any drink or food, so you can fit it into your routine more easily than oil-based tinctures.

How to Take It

The easiest way to take water soluble cbd is by adding it to your favorite drink, like a smoothie, juice, or protein shake. Just a drop or two is all you need to feel the benefits.

Bioavailability of CBD

The bioavailability of water-soluble cbd is higher than that of oil-soluble cbd. This means that it gets absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream and starts acting faster.

This is important because the body uses a lot of energy to break down and absorb nutrients that come from food, whether they’re vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates or fats. That’s why it’s common for people to use a supplement of some kind along with their daily meals, to ensure they get the vitamins and minerals they need without compromising the nutritional content of the meal itself.

First Pass Effect

When you swallow a pill or ingest an oral tincture of CBD, the molecule is broken down by an enzyme called lipase. This breaks down the CBD into pieces that can enter your bloodstream, where they’re then metabolized by bile and pancreatic juices.

This is called the “first-pass effect,” and it’s a process that helps your body absorb and utilize CBD more quickly and efficiently. It also means that you can experience the full effects of your CBD more quickly, which is another big plus. This is especially important when you’re consuming CBD for a specific goal, such as pain or stress relief.


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