November 19, 2023

How to Take Skin Off Salmon

The question of whether or not to leave salmon skin on can be a divisive one. Some people love the extra crunch that it adds, while others find it distracting or even fishy. Leaving the skin on can also make it easier to cook, especially in a shallow pan like a skillet or frying pan. However, if you’re going to be grilling or deep-frying your salmon, it’s best to remove the skin.

Luckily, removing salmon skin is relatively easy. Using this simple hack, you can get perfectly-cooked salmon with a clean, attractive finish that’s free of any unsightly fishy greasiness.

The first step is to prepare your salmon for the skin-removal process. Using a knife, make a small cut between the flesh and skin of the fillet (almost as if you’re trying to pierce it). Next, grab hold of the salmon at either end with your fingers or a kitchen towel for leverage, and use your non-dominant hand to pull on the skin as you slide the knife in. Continue this sawing motion until you’ve removed enough skin to be comfortable. Next, cut the salmon into your preferred serving sizes. This will give you larger fillets for whole baked salmon or smaller, single-serving pieces that are perfect for salmon burgers and more. If you’d rather skip the knife altogether, simply wet a paper towel with boiling water and press it to the skin of the fillet. Allow it to sit for a minute or two before peeling it off.


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