August 18, 2023

How to Stop Squirting in Pornography

When pornography shows squirting, many people start to view it as some sort of sexual achievement. However, squirting isn’t something that only a few women do or don’t experience; it’s just one way that a lot of women (and men) experience pleasure during sexual activity. Pleasure is actually achieved in the brain, not by squirting, which is only a small part of what happens during sexual intercourse.

Squirting, which is the expulsion of liquid other than urine, can happen to any woman and is called female ejaculation. It happens when the Skene glands, which are two ducts that drain into the urethra, are stimulated with pressure or an orgasm. The fluid that comes out may contain a bit of pee, as well as other things, such as prostatic enzymes.

The squirting sensation is similar to the feeling of having to pee, which is why it’s often mistaken for peeing during orgasms. The key is to relax your pelvic muscles so the fluid can flow naturally. It also helps to have lots of foreplay so your muscles and clitoris can build up tension to the point that it’s released during sexual intercourse.

Some women experience squirting regularly, while others never squirt and still have powerful orgasms. The reason why it’s difficult to say why or how to squirt is that every body responds differently to sexual stimulation. It takes time and practice to work out what stimulates your body from head to toe, so don’t be afraid to experiment.


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