November 20, 2023

How to Stop Foot Pain From Standing All Day

For people who work in healthcare, construction, retail sales, salons and factories, as well as other professions that require them to stand for several hours at a time, foot pain can be a serious problem. Not only is the added pressure of standing all day a strain on the feet and legs, but over time it can lead to more serious problems like backaches, arthritis and even high blood pressure.

Often the problem is caused by improper shoes, especially flip-flops which are flat and provide no support for your feet. The pain may also be caused by a dietary imbalance, being dehydrated or a lack of potassium. If the pain doesn’t improve with home remedies, it may be a good idea to speak to your physician about making some workplace modifications that can help reduce the stress on your feet.

If you’re dealing with the dreaded foot pain from standing all day, there are some great home remedies to try that will give you immediate relief. Start by icing your feet to decrease swelling and pain. A hot bath or soak can also be a great way to relax your feet and increase blood flow. If you’re suffering from chronic foot pain, your doctor can prescribe custom fit orthotics that can distribute the weight across your feet more evenly and minimize long-term foot problems. Lastly, don’t forget to stretch! Rolling a tennis ball or using a foam roller will stretch and lengthen muscles that have been contracted all day.


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