November 20, 2023

How to Stop Bleeding From Shaving

No matter how Ninja careful you are, it’s inevitable that you will nick or cut yourself while shaving. Most of these are minor cuts that bleed very little and stop quickly, but there are some cases where the bleeding just won’t stop no matter what you do. Fortunately, you can treat a shaving cut with some simple home remedies to make the cut stop bleeding in no time.

If you have a styptic pencil handy, use it to close your razor cut. The aluminum sulfate in the pencil (the same thing that makes your armpits sweaty) acts as a vasoconstrictor and helps control the bleeding. If you don’t have a styptic pencil, an old-fashioned two dollar Rite Aid styptic stick will also work.

Another quick and easy way to stop a shaving cut from bleeding is to apply an ice cube to the skin. The cold temperature will help constrict blood vessels to allow for a clot to form and stop the bleeding. You can also use a colorless lip balm that contains any type of wax to help form a seal on the wound and prevent bacteria from getting in it.

If you don’t have any of the items above, simply use a piece of tissue or a strip of toilet paper to hold the shaving nick firmly and press down hard until the bleeding stops. You can then treat the nick with some soothing aftershave or body oil that has powerful antioxidants to help heal the cut faster.


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