April 16, 2023

How to Spot Fake CBD Oil

how to spot fake cbd oil

If you've been researching and buying CBD products online, you have probably noticed that there are a lot of fake ones out there. Fortunately, there are some smart ways you can spot these imposters and avoid them.

Make sure you read the label - You should always check the ingredients list to see if the CBD oil is exactly what it is supposed to be. It should contain no additives or other ingredients, such as sugar, that might contaminate the product.

Look for lab results - Most reputable vendors provide customers with independent third-party lab results that verify the purity and quality of their products. These lab tests include testing for heavy metals, microbes, and chemical content levels.

Buy from a company that publishes its lab results on its website - Companies that do not make their lab results available are probably using questionable practices.

Ensure that the company has a good BBB rating - The Better Business Bureau provides consumers with insight into how a company does business. Bad ratings can mean that the company is unreliable and does not care about your health.

Ask for a certificate of analysis (CoA) - Reputable companies will provide you with a certificate of analysis that shows exactly what is in their CBD oil. The CoA should indicate what the oil is made of, what other cannabinoids are in it, and how it was tested.

Fake CBD companies will try to get away with a fake CoA by giving you an old one that's outdated or doctored. This may be because they're trying to attract people into their CBD products by making them think that they're legitimate.


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