March 18, 2023

How to Smoke a Pre Rolled CBD Joint

how to smoke a pre rolled cbd joint

How to Smoke a Pre Rolled CBD Joint

A CBD hemp joint is a rolled-up form of smoking a bud that has been extracted from a marijuana plant and dried. They are a great alternative to vaporizers, pipes and bongs because they do not require any equipment to smoke them.

They are also discrete and easy to carry around in your purse or briefcase! You can even get a handy box to keep them in if you prefer.

How to smoke a CBD Pre Roll

The first step is to light the joint. It’s best to use a lighter or a match and apply the fire to the tip only. This prevents you from burning the paper.

After a little bit of time, the joint should be lit enough to smoke. You can take small puffs to keep it burning longer or you can smoke it for a long drag to draw the cherry up faster.

How to avoid runs

One of the most common problems with joints and pre-rolls is runs, or uneven burns. Runs are caused by loosely packed materials or being lit unevenly.

To avoid this, give your pre-roll a light squeeze to feel the cannabis inside, and make sure it’s evenly packed from filter to tip. If you notice any areas of under packing or over packing, untwist the end and use a thin object like a tamping stick to press the cannabis into an evenly packed joint. Retwist the end when you’re finished.


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