November 20, 2023

How to Smoke a Cart Without a Battery

When your cartridge starts acting up, or you lose the charger to it, there are a few different ways you can still hit it. Some methods are more extreme than others, but they can all work if you’re willing to try.

Cartridges are simple devices that contain cannabis concentrate, but to use them you need a battery and a mouthpiece or atomizer. The atomizer connects to the mouthpiece via the contact points, and when you screw the cart onto the battery, the atomizer heats up, creating vapors that you can inhale. Most pens only need a couple of batteries to last for a few hours, but they can stop working as soon as one dies. If you’ve lost the charger for your cart, it can be difficult to hit it again.

If you want to try to hit a cart without a battery, you can try using a lighter or torch to heat the contact points. This method can be dangerous, though, because it could lead to toxic smoke. It’s also not very practical or safe for long-term usage. It’s better to get a new battery from a vape store near you.

Another way to hit a cart without a pen is to use a dab tool to separate the oil from the cartridge. This method works best for thick oils, and you may need to twist the cartridge to help it come out. Then you can attach it to a joint and smoke it.


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