December 16, 2023

How to Remove the Invisible Body Filter on TikTok

As you may know, TikTok offers many filters and effects to its users that can be used to make their videos more interesting. One of the coolest effects is the invisible body filter that enables its users to look as if they’re invisible on the platform. The effect is pretty neat as it focuses on the skin tones of its user and combines them with the background to make them seem to be invisible.

The invisible body filter became quite popular on TikTok and people were using it to record creative and curious videos. However, the popularity of this particular effect also caused a lot of people to share NSFW content that could be deemed as inappropriate for younger viewers. This caused some controversy and led to several TikTokers asking if it’s possible to remove the invisible body filter once the video is published.

Thankfully, the developers behind the invisible body filter quickly removed the feature after the controversy erupted. The removal was mainly due to the fact that the filter was being misused by many people who used it for sexy and inappropriate content. In some cases, users would even use the invisible body filter to flash other users which is not something that the app encourages its users to do.

As a result, the app has since been removed from the App Store and Google Play Store to prevent more users from downloading it. In addition, any GitHub repositories or YouTube videos that promote this hack have since been taken down. Nevertheless, users should remain wary of any videos or GitHub repositories that claim to provide a way to remove the invisible body filter on TikTok as these could be malware attacks.


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