November 19, 2023

How to Reduce Cup Size From D to B

Having oversized breasts can cause cosmetic problems such as neck and back pain, as well as functional issues like difficulty exercising and sleeping. If you want to reduce your cup size from a D to a B, there are several home remedies and surgical options available to you.

Exercise: Taking part in daily aerobics classes can burn fat in the chest area, helping you lose a cup size. It’s also important to eat a healthy diet, including lots of fiber.

Wearing looser clothing can also help you shrink a cup size. Opt for breathable fabrics, such as terry cloth or cashmere, in dark colors to draw attention away from the chest. Try doing push ups or other chest exercises to build muscle mass, but remember that this type of resistance training does not produce local reduction of breast fat. It’s important to increase your workout intensity slowly and allow one day of rest in between each resistance training session to prevent injury.

In the long run, the most practical solution to go from a D to a B cup is breast reduction surgery. Charlotte, NC breast reduction surgeon Dr. Ditesheim has helped many women with oversized breasts feel happier, more confident, and comfortable in their bodies by reducing breast tissue, fat, and skin. Schedule your initial consultation today to find out if breast reduction is the right option for you!


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