November 18, 2023

How to Read an Egg Cleanse

Depending on certain ancient cultures and practices, the shape and patterns that form in an egg cleanse glass of water offer insight into the energies and forces at play in one’s life. However, some people struggle to interpret the results. To help, this article will discuss how to read an egg cleanse and the meaning behind some of the most common shapes and anomalies that can be observed.

Before attempting to read the egg, it is important to first salt the water. This is done to ensure that any negative energy is absorbed and contained by the salt. Once the egg is prepared, it should be cracked gently around its edges and allowed to sit undisturbed for about five to ten minutes. Once it is ready, look at the egg from the side rather than through it, as this will allow one to see the different peaks, spirals and bubbles that form.

Once the egg has settled, begin rubbing it over the subject’s body, starting with the head and moving down in circles. Imagine the egg absorbing all the negative energy that is hanging over you or the person being cleaned. If a person is having trouble getting rid of negative emotions, try to focus on the areas that seem to be the most burdened and tense.

If any of the peaks in the egg’s reading are pointing down, this is a sign that the negativity has not been fully removed. If the reading also shows a pattern of eyes, this indicates that someone has sent you the Evil Eye or is jealous and watching your every move. If the egg’s reading shows cobwebs, this suggests that you are being entangled in a situation that is causing you distress.


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