November 19, 2023

How to Put in a Nose Ring

When you get a new nose ring it's important to know how to put it in. You should always clean your jewelry with antibacterial soap and lubricate it before trying to insert it into your nostril. This will help prevent infection or injury to your piercing and will allow it to heal properly. It's also a good idea to wash your hands before touching your piercing, particularly if it's been awhile since you got it pierced. Touching the piercing can disrupt the scab that's forming and introduce bacteria that can cause more pain or prolong the healing time.

Straight Post Nostril Ring

A straight post nose ring is a long wire "post" with a flat end that sits inside your nose. It's simple to insert a straight post nose ring, just make sure it's not too tight before doing so. You can use a lubricating gel to help it slide in easily.

Captive Bead Nostril Ring

A captive bead nose ring is similar to a straight post nose ring, but it has an attached bead on one side that holds the stud in place. It's a great option if you want a more minimal-looking piece of nose jewelry or if you have a sensitive nose that might be irritated by a larger stud.

Clicker Nostril Ring

A clicker nose ring is a unique type of nostril piercing that has a hinge in the middle, which you can open and close. These are popular for women who like a more masculine look or who don't want to wear a stud but would still like to have some nose jewelry.


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