August 19, 2023

How to Prone Masturbate

In prone masturbation, individuals lie down and rub or thrust their penis against a surface. This can cause friction and irritation that leads to genital pain and potentially, sores or spots on the penis. It can also lead to ejaculation problems. Prone masturbation can de-sensitize the organ so that, even during regular masturbation or partner sex, it is hard to achieve an erection or reach an orgasm.

Another problem is that prone masturbation can cause injury to the genital area, as it puts pressure on the sensitive nerves of the penis. It can also cause damage to the penis, as it can rub against rough surfaces that can create cuts and abrasions. In addition, the head of the penis can rub against mattress or pillow springs and create abrasions or small sores on the skin. Finally, rubbing the head of the penis against a hard surface can also lead to a loss of sensation.

Moreover, frequent prone masturbation can dull the effects of other sensations on the genital area and lead to less pleasure from oral sex, foreplay, or penetrative sex. It can also make it difficult to reach orgasm from masturbation in the face-up position or with other types of sex toys.

If you are concerned that your prone masturbation is having negative impacts on your sexual functioning, a sex therapist can offer guidance and support based on your unique situation. They can help you develop alternative lubrication and self-pleasure strategies that are safe, healthy, and productive.


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