March 19, 2023

How to Practice the Cord Cutting Meditation

cord cutting meditation

We are all attached to people, places or things in our lives. Some of these connections are cherished and nurtured, while others can feel toxic or unsupportive. In these cases, it is time to cut cords and sever the energetic connections that are no longer working.

How to Practice the Cord Cutting Meditation:

This spiritually responsible practice can help you release unwanted emotional attachments, so that you can grow and evolve into a more vibrant version of yourself. It also helps to consciously clear away emotional obstructions that limit your mental and physical well-being.

How to Prepare for Cord Cutting:

Before you begin, create a quiet space for the meditation. This could be a room that you have decorated, a space in your home, or a private place outdoors. You may want to light a candle or surround yourself with incense and crystals.

Method: In a state of deep relaxation, scan your body with the intention to identify any negative or draining cords that are attached to you. Once you have identified them, visualize a bright, intense flame of love traveling down the cord and singeing it, burning up the fear-based agendas that are at the core of the relationship.

Practicing this cord-cutting meditation regularly can completely heal you, repair your energy, and change your relationships. Ultimately, you will find yourself feeling lighter and more vibrant than before the ritual.


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