November 19, 2023

How to Peel a Kiwi

Besides being delicious, this nutrient-rich fruit (also known as the Chinese gooseberry) is packed with fiber, folate and antioxidants. It's also quite juicy so make sure to keep a plate or cutting board under it, as the juices can get messy.

To peel a kiwi, trim off both ends of the fruit with a knife to create 2 flat surfaces. Then, with a spoon in hand, place it against the skin where the skin and flesh meet. Apply pressure and rotate the kiwi as you slide the spoon around to coax the flesh out of the peel. Once it's completely loose, pull away and discard the skin.

The next step is to cut your kiwi into rounds, wedges or slices. You can use these as a garnish for desserts or add them to a fruit salad. For a fun twist, try adding the rounds to a smoothie bowl or a tart. You can even freeze them into ice cubes and use them as a refreshing addition to any drink or smoothie.

A more traditional way to cut a kiwi is to lay it on its side and slice into crosswise circles as thickly or thinly as you like. If you're planning to use them in a dish, make sure the slices are all a similar size for an even look. Another option is to quarter the kiwi and then cut it into crosswise slices. This makes a perfect addition to yogurt parfaits, overnight oats or a fruit salad.


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