March 23, 2023

How to Meditate With Shiva in Meditation

shiva in meditation

Shiva is a mythical god associated with creation and destruction, the sky and time itself. He is also believed to be a protector of truth, beauty and peace.

Meditation with shiva is an ancient tradition that teaches us how to cultivate a state of non-dual awareness where you are free from conflict and negativity. In this way, you become an inner guide to bring healing, creativity, and blessings into the world.

To meditate with shiva, you can chant the mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ and focus on him within. Repeating this mantra repeatedly at a pace that feels right, you can enter into a moment of absolute bliss.

In this meditative state, you can feel Shiva’s essential nature, the luminous energy that is beyond all senses and mind, that is filled with infinite shaktis. This energy can help you discover your own shambhavi and use it to create your ideal life.

Sitting and waiting with Nandi – A key virtue of Indian culture

In India, sitting and waiting is considered one of the most virtuous qualities to have. By practicing this in your daily life, you can develop the receptivity that Shiva needs to enter into your meditations.

During your meditation, you can move your mind on various parts of the Murti (picture or idol of Lord Siva). You may think of His attributes like bliss, radiance, love etc., gazing at His picture all the while.

When you practice this meditation regularly, you will become established in the meditative state. As a result, you will experience shiva’s essential nature more and more. Ultimately, you will merge with Shiva and find that there is no other self.


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