March 23, 2023

How to Meditate With God

Meditation is a form of devotion that calls us to slow down and focus on God’s word. It’s a simple and effective way to connect with the Lord and get more clarity on his word.

In the Old Testament, many people meditated on the attributes of God, such as his holiness and faithfulness. They also recited Scripture to remind them of God’s character and His work for humanity.

A simple meditation involves choosing something that stimulates your senses and paying attention to its beauty, textures or sounds. You could choose a candle, or a rose, for example.

Start slowly and try to focus for a few minutes without distractions. After a while, it will become easier to concentrate on the object of focus and hold your attention for longer periods of time.

If your mind wanders during the meditation, don’t judge yourself. Just gently return to the object of your focus, or go back to the verse you were meditating on.

The Bible instructs us to read, meditate and ponder Scripture day and night. It also tells us that the words of God won’t depart from us because we meditate on them.


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