March 19, 2023

How to Meditate - Just For Today

just for today meditation

Meditation can reduce stress, boost calmness and clarity, and promote happiness. It can also decrease depression and anxiety.

The first step to establishing a meditation practice is to find a quiet place that you will spend some time every day, where you can be alone and relax without distractions. Ideally, you'll have a space in your home or workplace that you can dedicate to peace and reflection.

You don't have to meditate in a traditional lotus position; sitting in a chair, on the floor, kneeling, or lying down can all be comfortable for you and your body. Just choose a posture that feels good to you and makes you feel safe and relaxed, and stay in that position the whole time you meditate.

During your meditation, focus on the sensation of the breath inside your nostrils. When you notice your mind wandering, return your attention to your breathing again.

Make sure you set a time limit when you first begin meditating, especially if you're a beginner. This will help you keep track of how long it takes to complete your session, and ensure that you stick with it.

Be patient with yourself if you feel pain during your meditation, as it's normal to experience some discomfort when you're first trying out new things. It's important to learn to accept these feelings, and to explore them with curiosity and compassion, Bingham says.

Many people rely on daily readings and meditation to maintain balance and a healthy spiritual life. They may use a variety of religious texts, such as the Bible and Quran, or inspirational quotes from wise women and men that are passed down through generations.


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