November 19, 2023

How to Measure Hip Size

If you’ve ever purchased pants only to discover they don’t fit or a skirt that drapes oddly around the hips, you know how important it is to take accurate measurements. Whether you’re ordering a new pattern, trying to determine how much weight you’ve lost, or simply wanting to feel good about your body shape, knowing your true hip size is crucial.

To measure your hips, remove any outer clothing and stand in front of a full length mirror (it’s best not to wear bulky undergarments, as this may cause the tape to twist). Plant your feet flat on the floor right next to each other so that you can easily locate the widest part of your lower body. Place the flexible tape measure around this area, ensuring that it is snug but not tight or constricting. Pinch the two ends of the tape together and record the measurement at that point, which is your hip size.

You can also use this number to calculate your hip-to-waist ratio, which is a good indicator of how healthy your body is. Individuals with a waist to hip ratio above 0.9 are considered overweight, while individuals with a ratio below 0.8 are considered healthy. Keeping this ratio in mind can help you plan healthier meals and exercise routines to improve your overall health. For example, eating a lot of foods that are high in fat and sugar can contribute to weight gain. On the other hand, foods that are rich in fiber and lean meats can aid in reducing weight and improving your health.


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