September 12, 2023

How to Make Rose Petal Wraps For Your Weed Blunders

If you’re looking to take your blunts to the next level and impress your friends or followers, a rose petal wrap is an excellent option. These elegant pink beauties contain aromatic terpenes that meld with your weed’s terpenes to provide a distinct smoking experience. In addition, they offer a cleaner smoke than traditional paper and are easier on your lungs.

To make a rose petal wrap, start by washing your petals to remove any dirt or pesticides. It’s best to stick with roses from someone who specializes in growing edible flowers rather than grocery store varieties that can be laden with chemicals. After washing, let your petals dry in a cool dark place. Once your petals are ready to use, lick them together to seal them. This step is required and also helps the petals act as a glue, holding them in place while you roll.

Once you’ve pressed your petal wraps into a rough circular shape, place a piece of weed in the center. Lightly tuck it in, being careful not to squish the buds and make them too dense. Then, add the rest of your weed to create a complete rose blunt, or cannagar as some people call them.

Once you’ve rolled your rose blunt, and waited for it to set (this can take two minutes or more, depending on humidity), heat your dabber or butter knife to spread your chosen concentrate evenly across the surface. This will help your rose blunt to burn evenly, and keep it from burning out too quickly. Then, return your rose petal wrap to the oven for ten seconds, still on broil. This last step is necessary and allows the wrap to re-dry and ensures it won’t get wet when you smoke it.


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