November 19, 2023

How to Make Freshies

Many people like to decorate their cars with freshies, a type of hanging air freshener that takes the scent of fragrance oils or scented essential oils. These are often shaped into classic shapes, such as hearts and circles. They can also be molded into more unique shapes, such as the shape of a car or the shape of a flower. They are often hung in the front or back of the car, where they can be viewed and enjoyed by passengers. The scents of these freshies help to keep the car smelling clean and fresh throughout the drive.

These DIY projects can be made using various items, such as felt, twine or ribbon, and a blend of essential oil. Felt is ideal because it absorbs the scent of the essential oil and holds it for long periods of time. Felt is available in many different colors and can be cut into any desired shape. It is a good idea to use a template or cookie cutters to ensure consistent shapes and sizes.

To make a freshie, simply pour a few drops of the chosen fragrance onto the base material. Spread evenly, and then allow to soak for a few minutes. You can add other elements to improve the aesthetics of your freshie, such as beads or small charms. If necessary, you can trim any uneven or ragged edges with scissors.

If the wood shape does not have a hole for hanging, you can create one by poking a nail through it and then pushing the end of a string into the hole. Alternatively, you can hang a piece of twine or ribbon through the hole instead of using a string.


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