December 19, 2023

How to Make Freshies at Home

Freshies are a fun alternative to traditional air fresheners that use cardboard cutouts. Generally made of scented aroma beads, freshies are baked in the oven until they form the shape desired. Then, they are hung from your rearview mirror to keep your vehicle smelling fresh!

To make your own freshies, first you’ll need to gather your supplies. You’ll need SFWP premium aroma beads, a metal cookie cutter (or heat resistant silicone mold), and a roofing nail or mini drill. The roofing nail will be used to make a hole for hanging the finished freshie. A drill works as well, but is a little more tricky because you’ll have to carefully drill into the freshie without cracking or damaging it.

Once you have your materials prepared, place the cookie cutter on a non-stick baking sheet and fill it halfway with scented aroma beads. When you’re done, place the shaped freshies into the oven to bake them for ten minutes or until they are slightly melted together and have taken on the shape of the cookie cutter. When they’re ready, remove them from the oven and let them cool before removing them from the cookie cutters.

There are a lot of different themes you can choose for your freshies. Some examples are: State or Country Flags - These are great for showing off your pride in where you’re from. Team Mascots - Show off your dedication to your favorite sports team with an image of their mascot! Quotes - A good quote can make a great freshie, whether it’s inspirational or just funny.


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