April 16, 2023

How To Make Cbd Water Soluble

how to make cbd water soluble

How To Make Cbd Water Soluble

One of the biggest challenges CBD faces is its low water solubility. That’s why many companies are rethinking the way they produce products.

Essentially, manufacturers need to take oil-soluble CBD and convert it into a water soluble solution. It’s a process called nanotechnology and involves breaking up the CBD extracts into tiny particles of a minimum 100 nm in size.

Then, these particles are emulsified in water with low amounts of surfactants and a liquid suspension process. Once this emulsion is created, the CBD can be used in drinks and food.

In a nutshell, this new technology allows manufacturers to create water soluble CBD without using oil-based emulsifiers. This means they can make more effective products, which is great for everyone!

How To Find A Good Water Soluble Product

A good water soluble CBD should have a high concentration of active ingredient, be free of fillers and be made with all natural ingredients. It should also not settle, clump or layer in the bottle and contain the correct dose for the amount of water it’s being dissolved into.

How To Measure A Water Soluble Product

A well-formulated water soluble CBD product will have an easy-to-use dropper that ensures the proper dose is delivered every time you drink it. It will also be convenient to use on the go.

How To Mix A Water Soluble Product

Some water soluble CBD products come in powder form, making it easy to mix them into your favorite beverage. This could be a cup of coffee or tea, your water bottle or even a homemade salad dressing.


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