April 16, 2023

How to Make CBD Vape Oil From Isolate

how to make cbd vape oil from isolate

CBD vape juice can be made at home using some basic ingredients and some simple tools. It is easy and a lot less expensive than buying it from a store.

How to Make CBD Vape Oil from Isolate

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD available, a high-concentration extract which has been removed from the hemp plant leaving behind only the pure CBD. This is the most effective form of CBD for vaporizing as it contains no other cannabinoids or organic components.

The best CBD isolates are 99% pure and should have a white, crystal-like appearance. They are usually sold in small, translucent slabs that can be mashed with a pestle and mortar to turn into something like a powder.

Measure out 500mg of CBD isolate and add it to the carrier liquid (PG and VG), cover the container and mix until it is completely dissolved. You may need to shake the bottle vigorously to dissolve it.

Ensure that your PG and VG levels are in proportion with each other and the flavouring you use, the higher the PG to VG ratio the thicker the vape and the bigger the clouds. Ideally, the ratio should be around 70:30.

Once you have the correct balance, it is time to start adding your flavouring of choice. This could be any number of vape flavourings or terpenes. It is also a good idea to give these terpenes or flavorings a little time to mix with the mixture, as this can help them to dissolve in the PG and VG.


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