April 16, 2023

How to Make CBD Vape Oil at Home

Making cbd vape oil at home is an easy way to save money while getting the same benefits as commercially-made products. It also gives you the freedom to customize your experience and get the most out of your vaporizer.

How to Make CBD Vape Oil

Before you can start making a CBD vape juice at home, you will need some essential ingredients. These include cannabis flower or trim, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and a CBD concentrate.

Step 1: Measure out 0.5 grams of CBD isolate and place it in a small mixing container. Then, pour 15 ml of PG into an empty glass bottle that can hold at least 30 ml of liquid.

Now, add a few drops of your preferred flavourings or terpenes to the mixture and mix well. You may want to leave this mixture for 24-48 hours before using it, so that the terpenes and flavourings can blend in with your CBD isolate.

You can also mix different ratios of PG to VG to achieve the desired taste and throat hit. However, it is important to remember that a purely PG based CBD e-liquid would be harsh and intolerable to most users.

Lastly, be sure to heat your PG and VG mixture before adding CBD isolate and allowing it to completely dissolve. This will prevent it from crystallising and help to produce smoother vapors.

While it is tempting to microwave your CBD e-juice to speed up the process, this will destroy all of your CBD crystals and ruin your final product. In order to get the best result, we recommend heating your PG and VG mixture in a pot of water on medium heat for several minutes prior to adding CBD isolate.


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