August 18, 2023

How to Make an Epsom Salt Poultice

Poultices have a long history of use to help heal wounds and alleviate pain. They are a moist, often heated, application of substances such as clay, charcoal, potato, bread and milk, natural herbs, or even epsom salt to treat conditions including abscesses, inflammation, rashes, sprains, and bruises.

To make an epsom salt poultice, simply combine enough epsom salts and water to create a paste-like consistency. You can also add other ingredients to the mixture such as kaopectate, table sugar, baking soda, or any number of beneficial spices and herbs. This recipe is particularly useful for treating boils or carbuncles, which are skin infections that are characterized by swelling, pain and pus formation.

For the best results, make a poultice using materials that are easy to work with. You should also ensure that the poultice is clean and free of any residue. It is recommended that you apply the poultice for 30 minutes to help relieve pain and encourage healing. When you are ready to remove the poultice, carefully unwrap it and rinse the affected area of the body with warm water.

Whether you are looking to treat a sore muscle, foot or hoof, an epsom salt poultice is an effective and inexpensive treatment option. It reduces inflammation, soothes sprains and bruises, and can draw out abscesses and sole bruising. You can find a epsom salt poultice kit at a variety of online retailers or you can make your own using ingredients commonly found in the home.


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