September 12, 2023

How to Make a Boyfriend Basket For Your Stoner Sweetie

If you’re going to make a boyfriend basket for your stoner sweetie, you should include this amazing weed grinder he will surely love. This cool gift set comes with a zinc grinder, an Emperador weed cone, a pack of pre-rolled papers, and a cute black stash box. Your stoner man will definitely appreciate this amazing bundle and enjoy sifting his kief in it.

You can also give your boyfriend a set of these high-quality, super soft, and comfy socks to keep him warm while smoking up a storm. The socks feature a fun pattern and will bring your stoner man good vibes every time he wears them.

This is a great idea for a Valentine’s Day gift for your stoner boyfriend or girlfriend. You can include some of your favorite gummies and add a heart-shaped card that says “love at first bite.”

Another great idea for a romantic stoner Valentine’s Day date is to spend a clear night with your partner watching the sunset, then roasting some S’mores over the fire and passing joints back and forth. This simple, yet thoughtful and intimate date will be sure to win your stoner bae’s heart.

You can even add a bottle of non-irritating, pH-balanced oil to your weed Valentine’s Day gift basket for your partner. You can use the oil to elevate your lover’s pleasure experience during a sensual massage. It will also help your partner maintain a long-lasting, pleasurable sex life by keeping his skin moisturized and healthy.


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