September 12, 2023

How to Light a Backwood

Backwoods cigars are popular for their rustic appearance and tobacco leaf flavor. However, you can also roll your own Backwoods blunt by removing the tobacco and replacing it with marijuana flower. This creates a unique smoking experience, allowing you to enjoy the flavors of the tobacco leaf and the cannabis.

While it might sound difficult to learn how to light a backwood, it is actually quite easy once you get the hang of it. The key is to prepare the cigar wrapper correctly, which involves a bit of prep work.

First, make sure that the cigar is fresh and moist. This will help you avoid any cracks and tears during the rolling process. It is also a good idea to take notes as you go along so that you can improve your technique over time.

Next, lay the cigar flat on a clean surface. Position it so that the rough side is facing down and the tapered end is facing up (if you’re right-handed, this means that the sharp edge is away from your dominant hand).

Begin filling the cigar with your desired amount of weed. Keep in mind that a Backwood blunt is generally larger than a standard blunt, so you might need to use more weed to achieve your desired high.

Once you’re done, gently tuck the weed into place and roll the blunt from the bottom toward the other end. As you roll, the weed will fall out onto your rolling tray. As you reach the end of your roll, lick or apply honey oil to the exposed edge of the wrapper (the one that you licked or oiled) and run a lighter lengthwise over it to dry the seal.


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